GATR's Compact UPS


GATR's CUPS is a UPS for GATR Antenna's inflation units and modems. It can receive input from a wide variety of AC and DC power sources and utilize two BX-2590 or BB-390 batteries.

Uses two standard, full size rechargeable batteries Uses BB-2590/U (preferred) or BB-390B/U (alternate) batteries, allowing for efficient charging of batteries when external power is supplied
Uses dual battery box No tools required for installation or use, reducing system weight
Mechanical latching system allows hot swap of battery Able to change-out battery and recharge extra batteries without power interruption to the output terminals
Compact size and weight Lightweight and easy to use
Functions with a variety of input and output accessories Operates using a wide range of input sources including: solar, AC/DC, fuel cell, and personal vehicle power

Physical and Electrical Properties

Parameter Characteristic
Weight 1.94 lbs (.88 kg) (controller unit only)
Size 11.17 in (L) x 1.89 in (W) x 3.26" (H)  / 283.7 mm (L) x 48.0 mm (W) x 82.8 mm (H) – (controller unit only)
Input Connector MS3114-E8-4P (standard)
Output Connectors Specific depending on GATR antenna model
Environmental MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461
Housing Material Aluminum
Operating Temperature Range -40°F (-40°C) to +131°F (+55°C)
Storage Temperature Range -59°F (-50°C) to +160°F (+71°C)
Input Voltage 9-36 VDC @ 12 ADC (max)
Input Power (typical) 250 W
Output Voltage 24 VDC
Output Power (max) 250 W
Efficiency 97% (typ)
LiIon Battery Charge Time 3 hours (typ)