GATR e850 Outdoor Satellite Modem


GATR’s e850 is a compact and rugged broadband outdoor modem ideal for mobile/transportable communications. Based on the iDirect e850 board set, GATR's modem provides for a full set of ruggedized features.

Features include:

  • Waterproof enclosure (MIL810G, Method 506.5, procedure1)
  • Two LAN ports for flexible network configuration
  • -32C to +55C operating temperature range
  • DC injected on IFL to power the LNB (18V, 0.75A Max)
  • 10 MHz reference for LNB and BUC
  • Switchable DC power (24V, 5A max) on IFL to power low power HPA
  • GPS receiver allows for relocation without modifying options file
  • Front panel LED display shows receive signal strength and network status

E850 DataSheet