4 Meter
Antenna System


2.4 Meter
Antenna System


1.2 Meter
Antenna System

GATR is revolutionizing the ultra-portable SATCOM industry with its inflatable stand-alone communications terminal. Compared to other deployable rigid dishes of comparable size, GATR's unique shape and designs enable...

Extreme Portability – Packs in as few as two cases (< 99 lbs) for a single-band 2.4 meter, versus 8+ cases for traditional rigid antennas – 50-80% less volume and weight than rigid satellite antennas

Lower Cost of Ownership – Drastically reduces shipping and satellite access costs

Reliability in Extreme Environments – Stable in high winds, and performs well in extreme heat and cold

Ease of Set Up – Can be set up and on satellite in 30 minutes


The GATR is being utilized as first-in communications by governmental organizations (U.S. and foreign military, intelligence, and homeland security). The GATR also has utility in the commercial and non-governmental organizations (Humanitarian Aid, Oil & Gas, and Broadcast).

GATR satellite terminals (VSAT) are available in 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 and 4 meter systems at Ku-, C-, Ka- and X-band.



Learn more about the GATR inflatable communications terminals:

A flexible dish and radome design enables the transport of GATR's 2.4 meter single-band terminal in two cases, weighing less than 99 lbs each, making it "The Most Portable 2.4 Meter Satellite Antenna in the World."