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Homeland Security

The ability to easily transport and deploy the GATR antenna system makes it perfect for contingency planning and emergency situations. The smaller volume and weight of the GATR system as compared to similar rigid deployable satellite dishes allow it to be carried to roof tops via passenger elevators rather than by crane. Its smaller transport size also makes it perfect for more discrete deployments and for situations in remote areas.

The GATR antenna system offers the following major benefits for Homeland Security organizations:

  • Ease of Setup
    The system can be setup and on satellite in less than 30 minutes. Its smaller transport size also makes it easier to deploy to other areas faster than comparable rigid deployable satellite dishes.
  • Easier Transport for Rooftop Applications
    Unlike large rigid dishes, the GATR system can be taken up to a building rooftop via a passenger elevator. The system is also packed in fewer cases than comparable rigid dishes, requiring less people to carry the system if having to use stairs to access the roof.
  • Smaller Transport Size for Discrete Missions
    The smaller transport size of the system, especially the 1.2 meter backpackable system, allows organizations to use the systems in more discrete missions.