HDR - Commercial Solutions

Oil & Gas

Satellite communications are key to the oil and gas industry. In many situations, locations do not include paved roads or easily accessible terrain. GATR's ultra-portable system can be easily transported to areas where traditional “deployable” rigid large aperture antennas simply cannot be transported. GATR can help!

Benefits the GATR antenna system offers for the oil and gas industry include:

  • Extreme Portability
    Packs in as few as two cases (< 99 lbs) for a single-band 2.4 meter, versus 8+ cases for traditional rigid antennas – 50-80% less volume and weight than rigid satellite antennas
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    Drastically reduces shipping and satellite access costs
  • Reliability in Extreme Environments
    Stable in high winds, performs well in extreme heat and cold
  • Ease of Set Up
    Can be set up and on satellite in 30 minutes