HDR - Commercial Solutions

Humanitarian Aid / Disaster Response

The GATR satellite communication system is an invaluable tool for HA/DR organizations. GATR allows for the quick deployment of high-bandwidth communications in areas that communications infrastructure has been wiped out. Utilized for search/rescue operations, infrastructure repair efforts, and medical support, GATR’s antenna systems can be used to access (via high-bandwidth satellite connection) databases, maps, personnel, and other critical data, as well as provide voice communications for disaster victims. GATR's lighter design and extreme portability allows HA/DR organizations to respond and establish infrastructure more quickly without huge transportation costs. In fact, the GATR can be taken on a commercial airplane, flown into an area on a small plane, or driven to a location in a small SUV.

The reasons why the GATR system works so well for HA/DR organizations include:

  • Extreme Portability
    Packs in as few as two cases (< 99 lbs) for a single-band 2.4 meter, versus 8+ cases for traditional rigid antennas – 50-80% less volume and weight than rigid satellite antennas
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    Drastically reduces shipping and satellite access costs
  • Reliability in Extreme Environments
    Stable in high winds, performs well in extreme heat and cold
  • Ease of Set Up
    Can be set up and on satellite in 30 minutes

GATR Technologies Helps

GATR Technologies has supported and/or participated in emergency relief efforts over the years by supplying equipment, satellite time, and employees. It began in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina, when GATR President Paul Gierow took the first GATR antenna to Mississippi and established the only communication in the county by connecting a computer lab to the GATR. Everyone from disaster victims, newscasters, FEMA workers, and other emergency workers utilized this connection. Since then, GATR has supported other relief efforts, including Hurricane Ike, the Haiti earthquake, wild fires in Southern California, and search rescue operations. GATR has also participated in several emergency and recovery exercises over the years.