HDR - Commercial Solutions


For broadcast media, GATR systems are ideal for on-location live shoots or when you need to pass large amounts of data/video via satellite back to the studio. In addition, the GATR is ideal for broadcast media reporting from international locations, including remote areas and areas that traditionally required bulky C-band rigid satellites.

The GATR antenna system is less costly to transport and takes up less space in transport, allowing room for other necessary equipment. You can even fly commercial with the GATR antenna.

The GATR offers the following benefits for the Broadcast industry:

  • Extreme Portability
    Packs in as few as two cases (< 99 lbs) for a single-band 2.4 meter, versus 8+ cases for traditional rigid antennas – 50-80% less volume and weight than rigid satellite antennas
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    Drastically reduces shipping and satellite access costs
  • Reliability in Extreme Environments
    Stable in high winds, performs well in extreme heat and cold
  • Ease of Set Up
    Can be set up and on satellite in 30 minutes